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We offer alternative project solutions to meet specific client needs where constraints such as existing conditions, reliability, budget and operations issues are major factors.

Our standard electrical engineering services include:

  • Facility Condition Assessments

  • Concept design and cost estimates

  • Project business case preparations

  • Traditional Design, Tender and Construction services

  • Design/Build and P3 project delivery

  • Client representative services for Hospital P3 projects

Our expertise in electrical engineering for health care & other facilities include: 

  • Utility service up to 138kV, high voltage substations, secondary distribution essential power systems including vital, delayed vital, and conditional bus power.

  • Power generation including diesel, steam turbine, bumpless transfer, utility paralleling

  • Communications systems including data, telephone, nurse call, public address, intercoms, personnel in/out recording, patient monitoring systems and Information systems

  • Illumination systems for Patient Care, OR's, Medical Imaging, Laboratories, Nursing stations and Public circulation and Administration areas

  • Security system, CCTV, electronic door control and duress systems

  • Green building design & retrofits for energy-efficient technologies

  • Fire alarm systems & life safety emergency system

  • Electrical design for specialized surgical and medical equipment including MIS suites, MRI, PET, CT scanners, X-Ray, Hemodialysis, Cath Lab, EP Lab, MDR and hyperbaric chambers

  • Power system design based on protective device coordination studies to ensure selective device coordination. Once constructed, these studies will be used to provide arc flash levels for equipment labelling. AGE utilizes the latest ETAP software for this work.

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